Monday, March 05, 2007


I've discovered that some of my favorite sites are unknown to many people. It's only fitting that I enlighten you with the sites I enjoy, being your intellectual and moral superior. Er... um, yeah.

Overheard in New York. An old standard. Good for killing time.

Bits and Pieces. Random silly stuff.

Achewood. R rated online comic strip. You won't get some of the humor until you know the characters, but it's still enjoyable to a newcomer. Hover the cursor over the comic to get a bonus joke (if it doesn't fully display in Firefox, right click and read the title; sometimes you have to scroll right to see it all). Here's a good recent story arc. All the characters also have their own blogs, which are great for those who want to amuse themselves and get nothing done at the same time.

PostSecret. People send in their secrets to this guy and he puts some of them on his blog. There are no archives and it's updated every Sunday (if you want the archives, buy his book). Fun for every voyeur.

Neatorama. Random neat stuff.

English Russia. Stuff happens in Russia. This guy blogs about it in a language not replete with backwards P's and suchnot.

Blowing Smoke. Jim Treacher is hilarious. I don't give a crap at all about gossipy hollywood stuff unless he or his co-author write about it.

That's just a few ways I waste my time.

And this is just a site I found recently. Can you name all 50 states in ten minutes? I got it with a minute and a half to spare. I pounded right through the first 49, and then sat there for about 7 minutes scratching my head.

And just so you don't take my opening sarcasm too seriously: I'm not going to say I did go to a strip club this weekend. I'm not going to say I didn't. But I am suddenly much poorer.

Once again I'm reminded of what a stupid waste of money they are. And you have to put the humanity of the strippers out of your mind or you'll be sick with how their lives have turned out. Sad. Very sad. (they all seemed to enjoy their job, but I can't imagine that carries over to real life)

If your daughter is on the pole, you done fucked up as a parent. What kills me are the wedding rings. Maybe they're fake, but they can't all be. Who marries a stripper? Makes you wonder.

And the shame. Oh, the shame. It takes a few showers to feel clean again.

I mean, that's how I would feel, if I had actually gone to a strip club.


At 5/3/07 10:24, Anonymous jim treacher said...

Thanks, man (or woman)! Ditto on Achewood, and all the Achewood offshoots. I don't know how Onstad does it, but I'm glad he does.

At 5/3/07 11:39, Anonymous jb said...

Yes, I am in dire shape financially. Luckily the weather is nice, so between biking to work and not drinking coffee for the next 2 weeks, I should save enough money to buy some extra soap.

At 5/3/07 14:58, Blogger TSS said...

JT -- Just callin' it like I see it. The comics are the best, IMO. I looked for a link that went to just those, but came up empty handed.

JB -- LOL. I like how we started the night out by going to a dive to save money.

At 5/3/07 22:28, Anonymous garlic said...

Going to strip joints always seems like a good idea at the time.

At 6/3/07 13:11, Blogger Frannie Farmer said...

I read Bits and Pieces ... obsess over PostSecret ... sad but true.
Strippers ... I have lived with a few. They aren't all bad. Most of them are married w/kids now (and some were then!)

At 7/3/07 21:24, Blogger TSS said...

Wow! Really? WOW! Stories, stories, stories, stories!

At 7/3/07 21:24, Blogger TSS said...


At 8/3/07 12:10, Blogger Frannie Farmer said...

shhh. I will havce to take those stories off line. I have a reputation to uphold .. being a Godly woman and all :O)


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