Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Neat Mars pic

But I repeat myself. Hahaha! M so clevr.

Here's the link. Don't forget to click again for the zoom in. This pic was taken by Rosetta, a probe from a program I stumbled in hungover and cleaned out the cabinets for for summers in college. Was that english? It doesn't matter. My boss and I would do the crossword when I was done. I have him to thank for my hardnosed work ethic (and above average crossword ability) to this day.

So yeah, Mars. I notice the atmosphere is blue, its true color. I don't know how the rumor that it's green got started. Probably from that upstart Viking and its "pictures". This blue has clearly been enhanced, but I like it this way. It looks more inviting, like we could be there someday.


At 5/3/07 22:28, Anonymous garlic said...

good photo. It's work background now. thanks.

At 6/3/07 01:14, Blogger TSS said...

Sure beats the heart shaped pic of bald britney you had there before.

At 6/3/07 08:31, Anonymous garlic said...

Bald britney probably will be hot when she stops freaking the fuck out.

it actually replaced a different picture of a Mars sunset from one of the rovers.


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