Monday, February 12, 2007

Marineria? Nautortilla? Taco Del Mar is too easy

I'm experimenting with being a vegetarian. I decided to give it a whirl after I heard the doctors tell my Dad the best thing he could do for his health would be to go veggie. It won't last; I don't have the revulsion to eating animals you would need. But I'm eating things like veggie burritos and tofu stir fry and saving my meat eating for 2 inch think t-bones over charcoal. It's not so bad.

Speaking of being a big huge pussy, I stopped drinking for a month. I didn't plan it, but that month ends February 13th, clearing my schedule right up just in time to drink alone on Valentines Day. I'm not going to, but it's nice to know I have the option.

Everyone wants to know why. I can't go into the details here because it's personal about a friend of mine, but no, I don't think my drinking is out of control. You'll know when that happens. Let's just say I figured a dry month shouldn't be that hard. So I stopped. As I suspected, it's not a big deal.

The main difference between drinking every weekend (and any weeknight I feel like -- and the occasional weekday, but only if I have a good reason (hangovers are reasons! (stop judging me!))) is that other people are alot less funny and/or amusing.

Make up some excuse to not drink (peer pressure never goes away, apparently), and go out one night with your usual crowd. The witty banter you've been enjoying all this time will be exposed for the sloppy humor that it is. The good news is that your boredom is easily rectified. The more you drink the funnier you think you are, so bottoms up, beholder!

It's rubbing off or maybe I'm getting old, because Gasparilla wasn't very appealing (that's the big party in Tampa I described as pirate mardis gras). It was right next to the hospital, so I went over around lunchtime to snag some grub and check it out.

The food was subpar, but good enough for drunks I suppose. I got some beads. Some drunk old lady tried to hit on me (at least she weighed in under 200 pounds). Everyone was either too young, too old, or shitfaced.

Many hours later, I walked through the aftermath on the way home. It was disgusting. Staggering puking drunks, and a street littered with broken bottles and other trash. Not to dishonor veterans, but it looked like a warzone. The grossest part was some girl hugging the portajohn. I would say that's got to be her lowest point, but I saw the guy she was with.

Which brings me to this site: Hot Chicks with Douchebags (after a quick perusal to ensure I'm not in any of the pics). No shortage of subject matter there. I thought that was called "the world".

I was wondering how the marginally funny Sarah Silverman got a show on Comedy Central, then I noticed this site's celebrity couple. She deserves something for banging him. Not sure I would give her a show, but I'm not in charge of karma.

I saw her at SeaTac Sunday. She had a show at The Showbox, a bar/stage I've had the honor of being thrown out of. My flight from Chicago and hers from NYC shared the same baggage claim. I looked over and thought, "Damn, that looks just like Sarah Silverman." She ignored me, but I was standing right there, no more more than ten feet away, looking at her.

When she didn't give me the icy stare of death or uncomfortably look away, like most girls would do if some strange guy were staring at them, it confirmed that she must be a celebrity. Either that or staring at women is ok now. Maybe I should hang around minority neighborhoods and stare at their women as a test. You can see the details on the 11 o'clock news.

And to answer your question guys, she's no more or less hot than on TV. Kinda goofy when she smiles. Definitely hot. She's not as tall as I thought she would be.

And to answer your question ladies, you're definitely hotter. I'm sure her ankles are like, way fatter than yours, but I couldn't see them under her fabulous clothes. And all that jewelry! But I'm sure in the end being beautiful and successful is unfulfilling.

Rome is back on HBO. I missed a bunch of episodes, but they're all on On Demand. This pleases me. Bring me a basket of your finest meats and cheeses.

Ok, so I mixed ground turkey in with my stir fry tonight. Does that count as vegetarian? I don't think turkey should count unless it's Thanksgiving style. Or fish. Basically anything besides beef should be considered a fleshy vegetable.

My baggage claim ticket says "Seattle Seattle Taco" on it. I don't know why, but that's awesome. Sea tacos, unite!

What do you call a family of sea tacos?


At 13/2/07 03:52, Anonymous garlic said...

holy huge post batman.

I too am going on veggie test runs (i think I've said this before) to get ready for giving up meat for lent. I've been sorely disappointed in the chinese places up the street since they have shitty vegetarian options. The Indian place has my back though. Aloo Manchurian is pretty awesome.

At 13/2/07 10:08, Blogger TSS said...

Indians definitely win for having the best vegetarian food. A couple thousand years of practice will do that.

I got some Indian spice pouches from a Chinese market (go figure) and made some awesome lamb dishes. You could just as easily use tofu. Make up a huge pot of that and it should last you a week.

At 13/2/07 13:03, Anonymous rcr said...

WHAT?!?! I've been missing Rome? I must leave work immediately and go home to catch up.

At 13/2/07 15:02, Anonymous JB said...

I don't know about Seattle but it's hard not be a vegetarian in Portland. I have resorted to road kill and racoons.

I was a vegetarian for a few months last year. It's not that hard, but when you do go back to eating meat (assuming you ever actually do become a vegetarian) reintroduce it gently or you will get really constipated. Remember that time you came down last summer and I burned all those sausages? I regretted that for about 5 days.

At 13/2/07 17:39, Anonymous garlic said...

other thoughts on my veggie test run: It's not so bad if you can't eggs and fish as a veggie. If you don't, then your pickings are much slimmer. And since sandwich places typically replace meat with cheese for their vegetarian option, it ends up actually being worse for you than having a turkey sub would have been.

You're right about having to despise meat to keep it up though. factory farming doesn't bother me when it's removed, and I don't have a problem killing my own meat or paying someone else to do it for me.

You do get to have the snooty attitude about the whole thing if you want, but that's what pisses people off about vegetarian's to begin with.

At 13/2/07 21:22, Anonymous jb said...

I knew a girl in New York who's roomate was a psycho veggie...she had a BOOK called "How to deal with meat eaters." Lesson 1 was "stay calm..." What these holier-than-thou pricks don't realize is what a luxury vegetarianism is.

At 13/2/07 22:09, Blogger TSS said...

RCR -- The sad thing is, rumor has it there will be no third season. Here's hoping.

JB -- Seattle may be full of hippies, but we're no Portland. You mean the 12 sausages we cooked and ate between the two of us, because we forgot Sam, who was driving up from San Fran, was a vegan? Heh! I woke up face down on your floor the next day. Good times!

Garlic -- You have to get protein somewhere. Eventually you get sick of flaxseed and need a steak. God or evolution, whatever, made us to eat meat.

And I'm not sure you meant to, but I think you just made a case for veganism. You seriously don't have a problem killing a cow? I don't think I could do it unless I was starving.

JB again -- I knew vegans who had stuff on their fridge that explained all the arguments and counters for veganism. It was interesting reading, but I made sure to keep the conversation to things we could agree on, like pot.

At 14/2/07 05:36, Anonymous garlic said...

protein -- you don't need that much, and rice and beans gets you all the amino acids you need.

I'm surprised a good WV boy like yourself hasn't killed your own meat before. I've killed and help butcher small game animals and it's not that big of a deal.

vegetarians are ok, but vegans are nut jobs. No milk or honey because it's from 'enslaved' animals?

At 14/2/07 10:31, Blogger TSS said...

WV suffers from alot of stereotypes, but prolific homemade sausage making is a new one.

I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but I never was a "typical" WVian. I've never hunted or expressed my love via spray paint on an overpass. There's a reason I was eager to leave for college (and there's a reason I never looked back once I left).

Everytime I go back I think, wow, it's really gone downhill. But a family friend who has visited us there over the years pointed out that it's always been a shithole, we just notice it now.

The biggest thing I've ever gutted is a fish, and even that grossed me out. There's just something unpleasant about grabbing a handful of intestines and yanking.

My cousins who live nearby are vegans, but are of the non-preachy variety. When asked, they say they do it because eating animal products is gross to them first, and secondly because it's not right to do so. Meh. They always have a big bowl of cherries or something to snack on, so it's no big deal.


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