Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Space brain

I hate to be judgmental, but what a fucking psycho.

Police suspect [the suspect] intended to kill [the victim], based on the fact that she traveled about 900 miles from Texas to Florida, wore diapers so she didn't have to stop and had deadly weapons in her possession when she was arrested.

At least she was in the right state for adult diapers.


At 7/2/07 09:56, Anonymous jb said...

At least NASA threw the hammer down...30-day leave. That'll learn her!

At 8/2/07 20:26, Blogger Frannie Farmer said...

creepy huh?
aren't you glad you didn't run into her in traffic??

At 13/2/07 23:09, Blogger TSS said...

Glad? I think I saw her clone army at Gasparilla. Sans diapers, unfortunately.


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