Sunday, February 25, 2007


That's the feeling you get when you find another layer of burritos in the box. Yes!

Mexican food has been on the mind lately. I had a couple tacos at Jack in the Box. Ordinarily I avoid blatantly terrible food like that, but my ride was stopping there anyway. And c'mon, it's tacos from a burger place. What could go wrong?

Plus Jack in the Box seems so dirty from the midwest, which I still carry with me... kind of like what White Castle is to west coasters -- unknown but dangerous. You know you're taking your life into your own hands. So when you think about it, eating tacos at Jack in the Box is a privilege.

They were ok. They were pretty much exactly what I imagined a taco from Jack in the Box would be like: nothing spectacular, but great in a nasty greasy sort of way. It's in a crispy flour tortilla that seemed like it was deep fried. Surely it's loaded with transfats. It either makes you proud to be an American, or ashamed.

This information is my gift to you, dear reader. I sacrifice so you don't have to.

I don't know if bad food effects me more in my old age, or if I just pay more attention to what I eat now, but I am paying for my cuisine choice. Wow. In highschool and college I ate crap all the time and it didn't seem to effect me.

My favorite lunch in highschool was a tube of raw cookie dough and a large Mountain Dew from 7-11, though admittedly half the point was the shock value. Now I eat one greasy taco and it's a gut bomb (two, actually). Ugh. I guess this is what happens when your body gets used to tofu and fish.

Here's a neat video about the economics of gangs. Language NSFW. I notice that he used the "er" form of the word that shall not be spoken. I'd have thought a sociologist who spent ten years studying gangs would know proper use of racial epithets, but I guess not.

And here's a great clip from one of the best movies of all time. Coffee is for closers. Language.


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