Thursday, January 17, 2008

Modern day torture

That's what going to the dentist is like. Sure, it's been a couple years, but damn. I did not expect that from the skinny little woman who ushered me to the chair (shut up). I swear she used it to get leverage. I'm surprised she didn't put her foot up on it.

And do I really need the flossing lecture again? No one in the tristate area is surprised that my gums are bleeding. Let me jab you in the gums with a needle and see what happens.

You know, it's not the pain, which is easily tolerated by someone whose had his head bashed in more times than count he can (though hitting the tooth nerve doesn't tickle). It's the sound.

God, that sound was ear splitting. She was using the super plaque scraper machine thing -- you know, the really high pitched sounding one. When she did the back molars, it resonated with my skull (seriously) and the sound was freakishly loud in that ear.

The only remaining question is: should I throw the free floss out now, or use it religiously a couple weeks first?


At 23/1/08 15:00, Blogger Dave said...

It may not have been a good sign, but it put me in a good mood to hear that my dentist had a cavity filled the same day i went in to get 2 filled. He also said he wasn't so great with flossing either.

At 24/1/08 21:35, Blogger TSS said...

Flossing is a hard habit to get into, but I think it'll pay off. I got a Reach flossing thing that makes it really easy to do, so there's no excuse. I'm just making it part of the teeth brushing ritual. 1 week in, and I'm still flossing!


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