Saturday, January 12, 2008

Be thin hot white blonde or die

The latest example.

I'm very sorry this girl died, and my thoughts are with her family. But why does she matter over all the non-blonde women who tragically died this week? And for that matter, the men?

I will always object when news coverage is this way. We, as American white people (which we all are... right? right?), think we're not racist. But we let this sort of coverage go unquestioned.

Well I'm questioning it. This is wrong. Equal coverage for abducted persons or none.


At 12/1/08 19:23, Blogger Dave said...

News coverage is only good for tommorow's weather and yesterday's sport score. They fuck everything else up. dllb

At 14/1/08 15:00, Blogger TSS said...

What does "dllb" mean? I don't think you mean "dead line-live bus", which is what the acronym finder turns up.

At 15/1/08 10:11, Anonymous JB said...

"Dave likes little boys"

At 15/1/08 14:44, Blogger Dave said...

this time it's xhdjs. I didn't see where the cursor was where I was typing the word verification, since tss doesn't trust us to not post spam.

At 15/1/08 23:43, Blogger TSS said...

I left that off for one day and had like, a hundred spams in one post. It's there for a reason. I know it sucks. Maybe one day my sorry ass will move off blogger.

At 23/1/08 15:03, Blogger Dave said...

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