Sunday, January 06, 2008

Politics, 10 months out

This will be my brief, off the cuff summation of current US politics.

Ron Paul is the only Republican who even comes close, and he's got no chance at all. I read the greatest quote about Paul I've seen so far here:

It's ultimately kind of sad that the controversial person in the race is Ron Paul rather than Huckabee.

- Jonah Goldberg

Amen to that. Huckabee scares me. There's just something unsettling about putting a person who thinks fossils are clever lies in the highest office in the land. Museum of Natural History? More like The Smithsonian House of Lies!

On top of that, he's of the newer breed of big spending Republicans. Fiscal responsibility was the most positive thing about Republicans, and now they've abandoned that too. Sheesh.

On the Democratic side, Obama. All the way baby. Hillary has too much baggage. It's mostly Bill, but she also carries alot of other junk with her. Voting for Hillary feels like voting against the Vietnam War, whereas voting for Obama is a fresh start.

Also, I think it would do wonders for our world image if the guy running the war was a minority middle-named Hussein who attended a Muslim school in Indonesia. [insert Republican candidate here] is too hatable, being a coddled rich white boy with connections. But Obama? Now there's a person who can repair our world image.

Overall I would prefer a Democrat wins the race. That would divide the government (Republicans actually block expensive programs when they're proposed by Democrats) and it would force the Democrats to take the war seriously.

That's all on politics for awhile. We have a looong way to go yet.

UPDATE: I've been hearing more about Ron Paul's racist past. If it turns out to be true, I'll throw my Republican support to McCain. Paul's rebuttal is that those newsletters were ghost written and he ended it as soon as he found out what was being said in his name.


At 7/1/08 15:21, Blogger Dave said...

Isn't it Ron "Gold Standard, flat tax" Paul? I do agree, whasisname "evolution is a lie, FAIR tax" Huckabee is probably bad.

At 7/1/08 19:22, Blogger TSS said...

Yeah, Paul's a kook, and he's still the best Republican. It's not my fault this is who they came up with.

At 8/1/08 15:07, Blogger Dave said...

I'm gonna vote for mccain in the republican primary I think. I should start looking into that since its less than a month away. I'd do obama in the democrat primary, but how could he lose out here (even though I'm about 1 mile from Clinton's highschool)

At 8/1/08 16:40, Blogger TSS said...

I'll probably switch to McCain, if this stuff I'm hearing about Paul's racism turns out to be true.

At 14/1/08 14:02, Blogger Dave said...

re: paul's racism -- seems like the truth could be he's racist, he's naive, or he's willing to lay with racists to raise money.


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