Tuesday, September 11, 2007

6 years


The date nearly passed me by. While I agree that we should never forget, am I the only one who's had it with the wallowing? I mean, I'm as fuck-the-terrorists-straight-in-the-ass as you can get, but is stuff like this really necessary? (warning: don't watch the vid -- no really)

I guess it is for some people. Personally, I'm perfectly capable of holding onto my quiet rage without visual reminders, thankyouverymuch. Never forget sure, but don't feel sorry for yourself either.


At 12/9/07 19:42, Blogger Dave said...

I saw the new NOVA special on how oklahoma city and 9-11 ought to effect building codes. There were a lot of shots of the second plane hitting the second tower.

At 12/9/07 21:53, Blogger TSS said...

I noticed that the images from that day don't effect me anymore. It used to be powerful, now it's just 9/11 stuff again.

I feel guilty for feeling that way, but what do you expect when they're overexposed?


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