Saturday, August 18, 2007


My favorite drummer of all time rides with the author of the inspiration to my favorite song* of all time through West Virginia back roads. For a huge Rush dork like me, you don't get any better than this.

*That goddamned alloy air car, always fucking shit up**.


UPDATE: Link to youtube of the song added. To be honest, I can't really pick a favorite song, but this is the one I've played the most. As is the matter of course for Rush, you have to read the lyrics to fully appreciate it (in context, since no one but me read Neil's inspiration article, some of the people who drive the doublewide air cars hunt the normal cars for sport -- link, pdf).

God, that video is so dated. Heh!

I'm not alleviating my huge dork status by admitting this, but if I had to pick the single greatest gift I've ever received, it was when my brother gave me Chronicles for my 13th birthday. Nothing has been so life changing and positive, not staying up late watching hockey with my Dad or camping with old friends, though those are close (sorry JB). I'll be a diehard fan 'til the day I fucking die.


At 18/8/07 14:03, Anonymous jb said...

So what's the song? That page had a lot of words on it.

I want to see Rush again.

At 18/8/07 14:41, Blogger TSS said...

I updated the post.

You can come with me to Chicago in the first week of September for 2 shows (Milwaukee and Chicago). Of course I'm going with TW, but you are more than welcome. Actually, that would be alot better, to have another friend. Me and TW and her bf might be a little awkward.

At 20/8/07 13:34, Blogger Dave said...

what venue is the chicago show? how much are tickets? I know this is the internet, but why should I have to look things up on it.

At 21/8/07 03:40, Blogger TSS said...

It's at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, which is on the southside. Tickets are through Ticketmaster and are about a hundred a piece. I strongly recommend getting better seats than the lawn.


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