Saturday, July 28, 2007

It rains alot

And the traffic is bad.


At 30/7/07 12:52, Anonymous jb said...

Shh! Most people still believe the PNW myth.

At 30/7/07 15:50, Anonymous RCR said...

I heard girls are ugly. Is that a myth?

At 30/7/07 15:51, Anonymous RCR said...

that would be "the girls there," not girls in general.

At 30/7/07 18:50, Blogger TSS said...

They don't tart themselves up as much as you see in the east or south (no real dress code here, so people where whatever's comfortable). But I consider that a bonus. Truth in advertising.

That said, I see hot girls everywhere I go, but they're not all wearing miniskirts and halter tops. More like spandex and sportsbars, or something not overly revealing. Being athletic is very popular (you'd think maybe that rubbed off on me, but no -- now where's that burrito?) and totally slutty girls tend to get looked down on.

When I moved here, I bought the first pair of jeans I'd owned in 4 years. I wear jeans or shorts exclusively all year long. I took my dress shirts to goodwill within 6 months.

Oh, and don't expect to be taken seriously unless you have some facial hair. Not every guy follows this rule, but that's why they're douchebags.

What do you think JB?

At 31/7/07 10:47, Anonymous jb said...

Either RCR is wrong, or my standards have dropped since moving out here. Probably both.

At 31/7/07 12:09, Blogger TSS said...

While I don't think any of them are in actuality WEARING the sportsbars, it sure was an interesting thought. What an odd misspelling.

I can say that compared to southern Florida, the girls here are not even close. But then, all the women in Naples are gold digging barbie dolls. I'll take a genuine NW girl anyday.

At 2/8/07 14:14, Anonymous rcr said...

I'm not wrong, because I really did hear that. I never presumed that it was necessarily correct. I've only been to the NW once, and it was for less than 24 hours.


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