Saturday, July 07, 2007

Optimus Prime loves you

Just got back from the Transformers movie. Can I just say fucking awesome? Granted it's for 12 year old boys, but still. I went in expecting it to be a bunch of robots smashing stuff and fighting each other, and I wasn't disappointed. There's not much of a plot or character development, but it's still awesome. Definitely one to see in the theater.

Oh, the title comes from a friend's campaign slogan when he was running for class president. He put up signs in the highschool with that on it, with a drawing of Optimus Prime. He had purple hair and can play every Metallica song by heart, guitar or bass. Of course I'm still friends with such a bizarre person.

I'll write more about my actual life soon. Happy 7/7/07!


At 10/7/07 13:37, Blogger Dave said...

heh-- 7/7/07 was supposed to be our project done date, 9 months ago. No one believed it then. I think there's a more reasonable 9/09 done date now that we should be able to make.

At 10/7/07 14:36, Blogger TSS said...

There's always 12/12/12...

At 10/7/07 14:37, Blogger TSS said...

BTW, saw DJ at his house last night.


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