Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Seattle Scribe finds stuff, talks about it

I found a TV and a bookshelf in the garage, next to the dumpsters. You may commence rejoicing.

I've been talking alot of shit about getting myself one of them fancy-schmancy high def TV's, but it's a funny thing about not making any money, you're not quite so motivated to spend thousands on a TV (with apologies to Les Claypool).

The TV is a piece, but the price is right. And I finally have my sweet blessed bluish glow and high pitched sound to fall asleep to again.

I missed you, TV in the bedroom. Let's never fight again.


At 26/4/06 05:13, Anonymous garlic said...

I'm not getting a high def tv until Tivo can do high def recording of said tv. And then the other TV is NOT going into the bedroom.

At 26/4/06 17:42, Blogger TSS said...

I always get insomnia, and a TV seems to put me to sleep. So I like it in the bedroom. Too bad there's no remote though.


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