Thursday, April 20, 2006


This pic reminds me of inadvertently huffing paint fumes with RCR in my basement in grade school.

I suppose I'm obligated to explain after that introduction. We teamed up on a project about Stonehenge. We learned alot actually. The part I remember the best is that spray paint eats styrofoam.

You really had to be there to get it, but that looks remarkably like our creation. Except we recreated the entire Stonehenge. And ours wasn't edible (at least it wasn't intended to be).

And sort of related, I mentioned the other day that someone ran a test to see if mold would grow faster on butter or margarine (which may just be a rumor). Well, here's a similar experiment on a McDonalds burger versus some local joint's. The results are what you would expect.

And of course, Jews for bacon couldn't go without a mention.


At 21/4/06 12:49, Anonymous rcr said...

Didn't we blow that thing up with firecrackers? I bet it would be more fun to blow up spamhenge with firecrackers.

At 21/4/06 13:03, Blogger TSS said...

Pretty much anything I owned or created between the ages of 7-15 met its end via firecrackers. Then I got a license and discovered pot and girls, and like videogames, I suddenly lost interest in firecrackers.

Did we win and go on to county with that project?

At 21/4/06 13:28, Anonymous rcr said...

Yeah, but I think we only took honorable mention at county.

I lived all these years struggling with this unknown emptiness... and I think it's firecrackers. I need to get back to my roots. M80's and pellet guns for everyone.

At 21/4/06 13:43, Blogger TSS said...

Didn't you play with firecrackers at my house with me? I remember blowing up lots and lots of things in my backyard. The waterproof M80's were the best. I think every model plane I ever made got about 30 bottle rockets strapped to the wings, all the wicks twisted together, and "flown" off the deck.

Wow, good times. The good thing about firecrackers is they're like videogames, you never truly outgrow them, you just become temporarily distracted.

That damn pellet gun got me in more trouble... though I did successfully scare off those birds who kept crapping all over the trampoline. You know I had that thing until I left it in Chicago when I moved?


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