Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One red paperclip

This is an interesting story about a guy who started with a red paperclip and traded it up to a year's free rent. His ultimate goal is a house, so he's still bartering. The link takes you to the first entry and you can go from there.


At 19/4/06 20:59, Blogger mama kay said...

I have heard about this guy before, I think that it is terrific what he has been able to accomplish from one red paperclips .. this is why people want to live in America! (Because we're crazy!)

At 20/4/06 15:07, Blogger TSS said...

Isn't he from Canadia?

At 20/4/06 17:38, Anonymous garlic said...


I thought it was going to take like 100 trades to get up to 1 year's rent, but it took him less than 10. This means the idea itself is getting him trades, not the things he's trading, which is cool for him, but less repeatable for the next guy to try it.

At 20/4/06 19:36, Blogger TSS said...

Obviously he's getting things in return that aren't commensurate with what he's offering. He says up front that he wants something better than what he's offering.

I guess what I'm getting at is: neat story, but a system of money is still probably best.

At 20/4/06 22:41, Blogger mama kay said...

Or at least more easily understood, reliable .. and yes, he is from Canada -- Montreal .. not my Canada (or your I guess) as I live near, practically in, British Columbia


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