Monday, April 24, 2006

Why isn't she in jail?

I want to know why this lady isn't in prison right now. She got caught leaking CIA secrets to the media.

Last week, spokeswoman [] said the officer admitted to "unauthorized discussions with the media in which the officer knowingly and willfully shared classified intelligence including operational information."


A senior government official said the dismissal was related to a story in The Washington Post about the United States holding terror suspects in secret prisons overseas.


All CIA personnel are required to sign agreements prohibiting them from discussing classified information with anyone who doesn't have clearance.

You can say what you will about the secret CIA prisons, but it's not only not her place to leak info like this, it's expressly forbidden. Simply put, she belongs in prison. She wasn't even arrested. I wonder, do they take this seriously or what?

If it had been any schlub slogging away at a base somewhere who leaked anything low level, you can bet your ass they would be killing time in a cell. Why this lady gets a pass is beyond me.

No wonder America is the laughing stock of spy networks worldwide.

......Or is that just a clever ruse, and really ours is the best? I would hope so, but this example makes me wonder.

UPDATE: She denies being the source of the prisons leak. Either way she still admits to leaking classified information and therefore belongs behind bars.


At 26/4/06 11:32, Anonymous rcr said...

It says in the article that the justice department is investigating. In the US, we don't just go around arresting people willy nilly. We investigate, build cases, and then seek an indictment. She's not going anywhere.

At 26/4/06 13:57, Anonymous garlic said...

good point. We still haven't pinned the valerie plame crap on scooter libby or the VP or whoever yet. justice is not speedy.

At 26/4/06 17:40, Blogger TSS said...

Anyone who wasn't a higher up would be rotting in jail right now. If someone low level did this, they'd get fired, and then tossed in jail.

She already admitted to the crime, and they gathered data on a pattern of her meeting some reporter. What else do they need? Any schlub would have been arrested as they left the building the day they were fired.

I don't get why if she's free, she isn't fleeing to Europe or something.


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