Monday, October 15, 2007

The most important subject of our time

You all know how seriously I take buffalo wings. I'm the sort of person who will feel personally insulted when wings are done poorly, as though it was done deliberately just to piss me off (I'm looking at you, Wendy's buffalo chicken sandwich).

So I don't say this lightly:

I found the greatest wing sauce of all time.

I imagine we all have nuanced ideas of what buffalo wings are supposed to taste like. Well this one is mine (the "hot" variety). This is great news because until now, the best wings I could find (reliably) were at Hooters. Yeah. You can understand my quandary.

It's called Wing Time. It does everything right. The right consistency (it sticks to the wings, unlike Franks), the right level of hotness, and most importantly, the right flavor. The only problem is the small bottle.

You can find it in most grocery stores in the PNW, such as QFC. You can see a list of retailers on their site. Or.... you can buy it by the case directly from them. Oh yeah, you know what I did!

For the record, there are much much MUCH better wings than Hooters in smaller chains and single restaurants. I only mention them as a sort of standard because they were legitimately out there as the first successful big chain to base their food on buffalo wings (granted, that's not the only draw).

I can eat Hooters and be happy with it, but I could nitpick the sauce. I always get TMI, and while the level of hotness is perfect, the sauce itself is too vinegary and runny (same problem with Franks). But that's not to say I don't enjoy the food and the uh... atmosphere.

There's an excellent place for wings in Portland called Fire On the Mountain. There's a place in Seattle called Wingdome that was recommended to me by the lady at FOtM that I have yet to try out. I recently noticed they have a restaurant pretty close by, so I'll make sure to stop in one of these days.

Heck, even the wings from Dominos in Chicago weren't bad, once you resauced them and baked them a bit. They're significantly better than the wings from Dominos in Seattle (hispanics kick up the spice noticeably -- at least that's my theory). Don't even get me started on the Queen Anne Dominos.

I wish I'd found this sauce earlier on in football season.


At 16/10/07 13:03, Anonymous jb said...

Fire on the mountain has I believe 12 sauces most of the time. Every one I have had is really good, even the raspberry chipotle (someone else bought it, I just tasted one). You are welcome to come down and try them all sometime, preferably not after a night in a dingy motel with hourly rates.

At 16/10/07 19:55, Blogger TSS said...

That motel was hands down the worst I have ever seen. Even worse than the one in San Francisco. I liked the burn holes in the comforter, particularly.

I'll go to FoTM anytime. I'll see you in early November. We can go then.

At 17/10/07 04:39, Blogger Dave said...

Bud's sports bar in the chicago area has best wings I've had in the area. I like my wings a step cooler using the hooter's scale if I'm eating them as a meal instead of as an appetizer.

My other buddies are a fan of the buffalo wild wings chains. Their wings are ok, but they buy these small wings, and oversauce them with thick, sticky sauces.

At 17/10/07 07:10, Blogger TSS said...

I've also been similarly unimpressed with BW3's. The sauces are ok, but the the quality of the chicken is bad, as you point out.

This is actually a good point. If Hooters kicked up the quality of the chicken -- you know, above frozen crap I could buy at any grocery store -- they would have a real phenom on their hands. I suppose why would they tinker with a successful nationwide chain, but isn't it all about my wing enjoyment?


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