Sunday, January 14, 2007

Butter, what's it good for?

Is it just me or does butter have no taste?


At 15/1/07 07:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

completely wrong. Here's an experiment for you: Get a package of frozen vegetables. prepare one plain serving, and one serving with a tablespoon of butter -- which is better?

Plus, buttered popcorn!

What sort of crazy controversy are you trying to start here?

At 15/1/07 15:07, Anonymous garlic said...

you frazzled me so much I forgot to put in who I was!

At 15/1/07 16:25, Blogger TSS said...

I'm not saying it isn't creamy and delicious, I mean it has little flavor itself. It adds to the fat content, and we can tell, but it isn't like adding (heh) garlic, or cumin. It's so subtle that petty much any sort of cream will work in its place.

Not counting fake butter, which is loaded with artificial flavors, and perversely, tastes much better as a result.

Butter ought to come infused with flavors. Garlic oregano butter would be pretty good. I'm pretty sure Europeans do that.

At 17/1/07 09:02, Anonymous JB said...

It wouldn't be very hard to make your own garlic oregano butter. I've made raspberry butter before.

At 17/1/07 18:18, Blogger TSS said...

Do you just add flavor to regular butter or do you actually make the butter, from whatever butter is made from (milk?).

At 18/1/07 22:24, Anonymous jb said...

I mash up raspberries in butter.


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