Thursday, July 17, 2008

American perceptions

The US according to West Virginians. I'm still laughing at how accurate this is. I thought the Myrtle Beach reference was particularly hilarious.


At 17/7/08 16:59, Blogger Chris James said...

Thanks for the link.

If you get a chance, run down to Etta's and eat some oysters on the halfshell for me.

We can't exactly get good ones in Huntington, WV.

At 17/7/08 18:35, Blogger TSS said...

Hey Chris. Will do on the Etta's! I've actually never been there, but I hear good things about it. BTW, I found your map via this post. I went to Michigan, after growing up in P-burg. Seeing as how small a community WV can be, we probably know some of the same people.

At 29/7/08 16:30, Blogger Chris James said...


Also grab a curry from Cedar's and a fish taco from Taco Del Mar.

In the mean time, I'll eat a Tudor's biscuit for you.

At 30/7/08 21:42, Blogger TSS said...

Shit man, the food I crave the most from WV is Pizza Place from Parkersburg. If you're ever in P-ville, get a deep dish pepperoni.

I've had so many fish tacos, I'm sick of them. I know, boo hoo, right?


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