Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sopranos open thread

Spoilers in comments (not that anyone does that anymore).

UPDATE: Link to good articles about the show, thanks be to JB.


At 13/5/07 18:22, Blogger TSS said...

Holy shit! Tony killed Christopher!

At 13/5/07 19:40, Blogger TSS said...

I guess we saw that coming. But wow, it finally happened.

The good news is they seem to be getting to the real story. There won't be anymore stupid episodes about Meadow and her boyfriend.

I see AJ is back to being a whiny unstable futz again, after looking like possible mafia timber for an episode. They sure are showing alot of AJ. I doubt he takes over, but we're meant to think about it (he may try, but he'll fail).

I still say Tony has to die to end the series. There's no other way. MAYbe life sentence/death penalty, but that wouldn't be a satisfying ending.

No feds this episode.

Paulie was pissed that no one showed up at his mother's funeral (that was his Mom, right?). He's going to cause some sort of trouble.

At 16/5/07 22:52, Anonymous jb said...

I was all about the Tony dying thing, but after his yelling "I get it!" at the sun, I can see him going on the lam. Maybe moving to Costa Rica or something and never returning.

I still think AJ is going to kill himself.

I don't know about Paulie, but I think he will somehow get tied into this asbestos thing. Maybe somehow he'll switch to New York, like he almost did before.

At 16/5/07 23:03, Blogger TSS said...

In real life, Tony would run off as you say. But for the sake of ending this story, he has to be killed off.

I think AJ will try to take over and get his ass handed to him.

Paulie heavily factors in to whatever happens next. I wonder about Sil though.

At 17/5/07 08:42, Anonymous jb said...

At 17/5/07 08:43, Anonymous jb said...

Let me try that again.

At 17/5/07 09:07, Blogger TSS said...

That's a good article. All I know is that I was half tempted to give up on the show until this most recent episode. Now I can't wait for Sunday to roll around. At least they finally got to the good stuff.


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