Friday, May 04, 2007

Did I mention the drive-thru?

Happy Friday everyone! Here's a great ws way to kill some down time at your job today (youtube).

BTW, take any chance you get to see Weird Al live. You won't be disappointed, though keep in mind there will be alot of kids there.


At 8/5/07 12:17, Blogger Frannie Farmer said...

I had a couple of years where we went to a lot of comedy shows .. I saw Weird Al, Gallagher, Carrot Top, Geprge Carlin and Steven Wright in that time. They are all too funny!

At 9/5/07 19:32, Blogger TSS said...

Looks like you've seen everyone but Larry the Cable Guy. :)

At 14/5/07 08:45, Blogger Dave said...

steven wright was on craig fergeson's show this last week. funny, but not as much as I remembered.


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