Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not a few pics

I'll get to those later. Seriously, I took so many that it will take awhile for me to sort out the bad ones that make up 95% of the roll.

Instead here are some more random links to stuff I find interesting.

How much LSD does it take to kill an elephant? No, it's not a joke. Aren't you glad I find these gems for you? On second thought, that's a bummer of an article, so you should skip it.

This couldn't sum up my feelings on working for a large company any better. It's so true. I took my motorcycle class in the parking lot of one of Boeing's countless instances out here. Knowing a thing or two about defense contractors, it was eerie just looking at the familiar too bland squarish unwindowed buildings.

At the entrance to the compound there's a nice attractive building with mirrored windows and a splashy Boeing logo across it. A kid in the class wondered why the disparity and I told him, "That's where the management works. It's so they can remind the employees everyday, twice, that they're expendable cogs in a wheel." It's too bad he laughed. He'll need that bit of wisdom eventually.

File this one under my ineffable wisdom: today I bought new better socks and threw out my old crappy ones. What makes this news is that the old ones had no visible holes in them, I just didn't like them anymore. It only took me 29 years to reach this level of sophistication. Next: underwear. (don't rush me!)

This is all the garbage I have for you today. Have a great weekend!

Oh ok, here's one pic for ya (like you really care anyway)


At 1/6/07 11:44, Blogger Dave said...

The chief engineer did a lunch and learn at SWEs request this week. The pessimistic view of what he had to say was that every engineer at every company has the same complaints you do, so don't bother leaving, and if you lower your expecations, the company is less likely to disapoint you.

Did you see the supreme court ruling this week, that if your company fucks you on your salary because of discrimination, but it takes you 20 years to figure it out, you're shit out of luck? that blows.

At 1/6/07 15:02, Blogger TSS said...

What a fucknut. I never ever regret leaving my engineering job. It was the best decision of my life.

The truth is though, there are companies that are good to engineers. The kicker is you have to be a good engineer, not a retard like some at that one place I used to work. Those people would get weeded out pretty quickly at most places.

In conclusion, becoming an engineer was a huge mistake for me. Now I have to start life over.

At 1/6/07 17:02, Blogger TSS said...

Actually, I retract my claim of fucknuttery and instead claim that they are only being realistic.

At 1/6/07 22:09, Blogger Dave said...

Last time we talked about this you decided law school wasn't the right idea, got any new plans? I here that Uncle Sam's looking for a few good men...

At 2/6/07 00:05, Blogger TSS said...

I'd rather not talk about it here. Either download Skype and look me up (under my real name) or email me. Obviously talking on the phone is ridiculous.

At 3/6/07 01:28, Anonymous jb said...

Ah, Hell's Canyon. Since visiting, I've considered becoming a sinner.

At 3/6/07 21:56, Blogger TSS said...

Join the fucking club


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