Thursday, June 01, 2006

She's single, fellas

A German woman has been found guilty of the manslaughter of eight of her newborn babies. ...

The bodies were found buried in a fish tank and in flower pots and buckets in her parents' garden in a village in east Germany, near the Polish border. ...

DNA tests had shown that [this fine upstanding woman] and her ex-husband [he sure knows how to pick 'em] were the parents of all nine dead newborns.

Notice that says "ex" husband, guys. But she hasn't sealed the deal yet. What other trait could she exhibit to woo me completely?

A jobless dental assistant, ... [s]he said she could not remember what happened with her other pregnancies because she had drunk large quantities of alcohol each time she went into labour, and did not know if the babies had been born dead or alive.

Yes, that'll do nicely.


At 1/6/06 20:22, Blogger mama kay said...

Sorry .. I think I could drink GALLONS and still remember .. it's just not something you *forget*.

At 2/6/06 12:37, Blogger TSS said...

I'm pretty sure that's just her excuse to get out of being charged with murder. Part of the reason she got manslaughter is because she did such a half-assed job covering it up, they couldn't say she tried to hide it.

What a bizarre story.


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