Thursday, April 13, 2006

So Comedy Central pussed out

Other than disappointment, I don't really have any other strong emotion about this. But I'll talk about it anyway.

I'm not surprised they censored it. Some people blame it on Viacom being "un-American" or whatever (um... ok). What it really comes down to is everyone is so scared of the immoral radical Muslims that they do whatever they say. And how did this subgroup of Muslims get this power? By being violent and then threatening violence. By lobbing off heads.

So the message to take home is: if you want your way, start a head choppin'. Works every time. Alternatively, you could ritually murder a film director as he rode his bike to work, leaving a note tacked in the dead body with a dagger, as in the case of Theo Van Gogh. As long as you kill someone spectacularly you ought to get your way.

Here's an article about the episode if you want:

The comedy -- in an episode aired during Holy Week for Christians -- instead featured an image of Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush and the American flag.

But the image of Muhammed ringing the doorbell and handing Peter Griffin a hat was too much.

We just had a series of massive protests by the Latino community that was entirely peaceful. What if those millions of people don't get their way and start thinking they have to flip cars and burn cities to get what they want? What message is being sent here?

The next time some group feels strongly about something, they're going to consider rioting in the street, not peaceful protesting, the most effective way of achieving their aims. Why wouldn't they? It obviously works like a charm. I'm thinking eco-terrorists right now, but it could be any group really, like neo-Nazis or anti-abortion radicals.

Note that you can still see Muhammed in the opening credits, a cut from the Super Best Friends episode.


At 16/4/06 21:26, Blogger mama kay said...

Did I already say that our blog rocks?? If not .. it does!

At 17/4/06 01:43, Blogger TSS said...

Thanks! I don't usually rant off like I did on this post. I probably overreacted. Oh well.


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