Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sopranos counterpoint

This look at how it could have ended makes the real ending not quite as stupid and disappointing as it was.

I'm not as mad as I was about the non-ending, though I still think it's lazy rather than clever. I just realized he was setting up the movie. And once I got over my indignance over that, all I could think was, Oh boy, more Sopranos!

So it's not so bad after all. Of course, now I can't get Journey out of my head.

Is indignance a word?


At 14/6/07 10:16, Anonymous jb said...

There's not going to be a movie.

How could there be? Bobby and Christopher are dead, Silvio is a vegetable, Paulie is a wus. What would the movie be about? Tony's indictment and trial? Boring. AJ becoming a mobster? That's too close to Sopranos: TNG. Meadow getting married and having kids? I bet you'd love that. Any sort of prequel wouldn't work because it wouldn't resolve anything.

I loved the ending. I thought it was's like choose your own adventure. People will be talking about this for years, and if they make a movie it would ruin the mystique. It's over...get used to it.

At 14/6/07 17:10, Blogger TSS said...

Not writing an ending is perfect? It's perfect for David Chase, in the sense that he can pretend to have done it for artful purposes and get accolades from the people who enjoy feeling superior (I don't mean you), and then bring out the movie any time he wants and make a fucking killing.

Perfect my ass. Lazy. Plain and simple.

All that said, the last scene was done very well for what it was, and I love love love the show anyway. Definitely net positive. But still.

I was on the edge of my seat totally psyched for the ending, and then it just cut out with nothing resolved. Lame.

I think in time the ending will seem better because it will get lumped in with the whole show in people's minds. But you know as well as I that you were pissed when that cut out.

At 15/6/07 13:59, Anonymous jb said...

I was pissed for about 5 minutes. Of course a voracious discussion ensued and I actually like the way it ended. Nothing could have been resolved in one episode anyway. He gets arrested...then what? He gets killed...then what? You know you'd be dying to know what happens to the whole operation with Tony out of the picture.

At 15/6/07 18:02, Blogger TSS said...

I'm just waiting for the movie where AJ rises up.


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